The new project "M22"
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview
Thoughtful living space
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview
Energy efficiency
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview
QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Overview

New Apartment Project «М22»

Riga, Center, Latvia



The new project "M22" is a small apartment club house on the 22 Meness street.

New quality standards of the project are in harmony with the historic quiet part of Riga centre. The developed infrastructure of the capital makes the location of the building as comfortable as possible for the residents, because the cultural life of the city is always within walking distance, as well as favorite streets of the Old Riga, restaurants, parks, bicycle paths and other important places and shops for urban life.Adjacent streets are convenient for car owners, cyclists and pedestrians as like.

High – quality building materials and well choosen technologies satisfy the criteria of modern family with high requirements for their housing. Apartment layout primarily determines the thoughtful living space.

The territory of the house "M22" is landscaped and  intensively developing. The house has a rest zone and children's playground in a fenced area with access only for residents. For car owners are available ground parking spaces inside the territory of the house.

Technical description

  • Heat supply – the autonomy heating system of the house is connected to the city`s gas networks. There is an individual boiler room in the building. Each apartment has adjustable heated floors and installed individual heat meter.
  • Water supply and sewerage - centralized, connected to the city`s networks. Each apartment has individual meters for water consumption.
  • Ventilation - there is natural ventilation in the apartments, but in the kitchen area and in the bathroom there is a forced ventilation system.
  • Lighting and electricity - apartments have a 3-phase connection and an individual electricity meter. All apartments are equipped with an internet connection.
  • The private territory of the house is equipped with storm water drain and lighting.
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QPANO:New Apartment Project «М22» - Exterior